Xi Zhao

Specialties: Econometrics, Risk Modeling, Marketing Analytics

Domain Expertise: Automobile, Banking, Insurance, Asset Management

Years of Exp: 10

Co-leading the Financial Literacy Initiative at Boston Private Industry Council. Member of Young Professional Council at Boston Children’s Museum. CFA® charter holder.
Tony Bordon

Specialties: Marketing Analytics, Sales Strategies

Domain Expertise: Digital Media, Education, Entertainment Publishing

Years of Exp: 25

Managing Director of a global company specializing in analytics and insurance-based software. Board member of The Boston Children’s Museum and BUILD.ORG. Ex-president of Institutional Initiatives with The Princeton Review. Ex-COO of Riverdeep Inc.
Ashwin Meshram

Specialties: Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Domain Expertise: Insurance, Retail, E-commerce, Banking, Asset Management

Years of Exp: 13

Managing Director of a US-based machine learning company, specializing in algorithm development for financial services. IIT Bombay alumnus.
Rishikesh Deshpande

Specialties: Marketing Analytics, Financial Modeling, Predictive Analytics

Domain Expertise: Retail, FMCG, Consumer Goods, Media, Manufacturing, Telecom

Years of Exp: 25

CEO of a marketing and research analytics firm. Consultant to Fortune 1000 companies.
Peter Viola

Specialties: Scenario Planning Algorithms, M & A Analytics, Operational Efficiency

Domain Expertise: Insurance, Asset Management, E-commerce

Years of Exp: 10

VP of Product and Implementation at a US-based machine learning and artificial intelligence company. Majored in Physics from Tufts University.
Nirav Dagli

Specialties: Financial Modeling, Algorithm Development, Predictive Analytics

Domain Expertise: Banking, Insurance, Asset Management, Consumer Goods

Years of Exp: 25

CEO of a predictive analytics and artificial intelligence company based out of Boston. Ex-Partner at Oliver Wyman.